Soft Tissue Grafting (Gingival Grafting)

Functional Soft Tissue Grafting

Normally gum tissue surrounds and protects the delicate roots of your teeth. Exposed tooth roots are prone to tooth decay, root canals, discoloration and actual jawbone loss. All of this can lead to tooth loss in advanced cases.

Functional soft tissue gum grafting replaces the missing gum tissue and protects your teeth against further recession and persistent sensitivity. For this reason, soft tissue grafting may be recommended even for back teeth.

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Cosmetic Soft Tissue Grafting

In addition to the functional problems previously mentioned, receding gums can look unsightly.

Longer looking teeth and exposed tooth roots give an "old" appearance to your smile. Some people cover their mouths when they smile for this very reason.

Cosmetic soft tissue grafting can cover up these exposed root surfaces to some degree adding a new youthful appearance to your smile. In your initial consultation, we will thoroughly explain what can be achieved/expected in your particular case.